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 Unfortunately the Ebola Crisis has significantly impacted our organization an orphanage.

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Many thanks to the AOH Belgium Team....
Two more shipping containers full of donated humanitarian supplies have arrived in Liberia thanks to the hard work and continuing efforts of the AOH Belgium Team that's led by Country Director, Kris Lambrecht (yellow shirt) and her husband Wim (far right).


AoH Rock Hill Community SchoolAoH Rock Hill Community School


The Rock Hill Community currently exists in a severely depressed socio-economic condition which could reach crisis proportion unless considerable help is provided to improve the livelihood of the residents by providing basic skills and training for the adults and affordable academic opportunity for young people and the children who are vulnerable and prone to diseases and criminal activities. The high cost of living in this community has caused a general lack of interest in personal and community development.Almost every one is focused on getting daily meals for their family and are not able to send their children to school. Over 75% of school age children spend the majority of their day crushing rock.We provide practical training in various handicrafts and help implement newer technologies to develop agriculture in developing countries. We organize public lectures as well as online communities and public actions to attract public attention to global development issues.


Rock Hill is a community of more than 30,000 residents who mainly crush rock by hand for a living. It is heart breaking to walk through this community and see young children, pregnant women and elderly people pounding rocks into gravel by hand in hopes of making enough money to buy a bowl of rice at the end of the day. Acres of Hope has committed to making a difference in this community. Our sister organization AOH - Belgium has raised $60,000 for the construction of the new Acres of Hope Rock Hill Elementary/Training Institute which will open her doors in the Fall of 2010. We hope to educate a minimum of 500 students per year with the addition of adult education/training classes in the late afternoon and evening. 


ABC Baby 1-2-3

Our commitment to provide superior education to the children of Liberia is now
extending to include the development of a quality daycare for destitute mothers
and empowering them to earn a living while their babies and toddlers are  cared for in a loving and safe environment.  AOH focuses on Child development through educational play.