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 Unfortunately the Ebola Crisis has significantly impacted our organization an orphanage.

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Many thanks to the AOH Belgium Team....
Two more shipping containers full of donated humanitarian supplies have arrived in Liberia thanks to the hard work and continuing efforts of the AOH Belgium Team that's led by Country Director, Kris Lambrecht (yellow shirt) and her husband Wim (far right).



As of October 19, 2014 (World Health Organization and CDC): Cases of Ebola in Liberia is 4665 leading to 2705 deaths.

Many orphans are becoming known now because of the Ebola virus.  The war that ended in 2003 left thousands of children orphaned.  Now we are fighting a new kind of war.  The War on Ebola that is leaving even more children without families.

Acres of Hope is working to educate the community about the spread of Ebola and how to sanitize in order to eliminate the threat of spreading Ebola.

AoH is doing the following to help with the fight against Ebola:


Handing out buckets with bleach for sanitizing.Handing out buckets with bleach for sanitizing.




We need your help!

We need to raise money to combat Ebola in Liberia.  We need to be able to isolate our children from those that could be infected with Ebola.  We need to keep our nannies and their children at the orphanage in order to prevent them from exposure.  As the price of food has significantly risen since the outbreak, we need to raise more money to cover those costs.  We need to continue to provide education to the community as this is the only way to stop the spread of Ebola.  We need to provide clean water and supplies to help with disinfecting.

You can help... there is no donation too small!