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 Unfortunately the Ebola Crisis has significantly impacted our organization an orphanage.

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Many thanks to the AOH Belgium Team....
Two more shipping containers full of donated humanitarian supplies have arrived in Liberia thanks to the hard work and continuing efforts of the AOH Belgium Team that's led by Country Director, Kris Lambrecht (yellow shirt) and her husband Wim (far right).


ACRES OF HOPE is a faith based humanitarian organization called by the heart of God to bring hope to the hopeless through humanitarian assistance . AOH is dedicated to meeting the needs of people touched by poverty and despair in Africa.
"You have not lived a perfect day even though you have earned money unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you."
-Helen Keller-
Acres of Hope is the loving creation of a vision Patty Anglin had as a child growing up in Africa. in Patty was raised the daughter of Medical missionaries the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. The mother of 18 children, she is an outspoken advocate on adoption and the Executive Director of a National Charitable Organization called Acres of Hope.  Through out her long career as a foster mother caring for medically fragile children, Patty also provided services in parenting skills to their families. 

As her experience broadened, she began to see ways of improving the foster care system. She began to work with other agencies and groups, local, state and national in developing new and innovative ways to assist children and families in
receiving appropriate services.

 In 2003 Patty witnessed firsthand the devastation of Liberia after the long 14 year civil war. With so many children left orphaned from the war, she reached out and adopted her son, Tucker. Patty saw a need for all children impacted by the war, orphaned and medically fragile to be cared for in a loving enviornment. The orphanage was born! To date, more than 600 children have found loving families due to Acres of Hope's orphanage work.  Thousands of children have been fed, and children are now able to attend schools which were previously non-existant. 

Patty is the author of the book, Acres of Hope, that chronicles her families challenges and joys in adopting special needs children. The book has provided a resource for people facing the everyday challenges of parenting special needs children. The book has been used for training material for conferences and workshops throughout the United States and internationally. The book Acres of Hope received the Silver Medallion Award and Seal. In addition, be sure to watch for Patty Anglin's upcoming new release....more information to follow soon!